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Living With Allergies: 5 Tips on Allergy Prevention


There are several types of allergies. Your allergy may be triggered by food, pet, chemicals, or pollen. It is at times bothersome. In some people, their allergies prevent them from having a happy and carefree life. A few overly sensitive people may often fear the occurrence of fatal allergic reactions.

But what are allergies? True allergies happen when the body sees something as harmless as toxic to the body. Consequentially, it tries to eradicate it by bombarding the allergen with chemicals. These chemicals trigger the physical reactions that the allergic person experiences.

Prevention should always be at the forefront of allergy management. This is because these allergic reactions do interfere with the quality of daily life a person has. Listed below are 5 tips on how to prevent allergies from occurring.

Know your allergy. Be sure that you are truly allergic to something. Visit a certified allergist, immunologist, or physician to be assessed. Nothing can be gained if you avoid something because you think you are allergic to that substance, then later find that your worries were unfounded.

Read labels. Product labels are there for a purpose. They are placed to give the consumer an idea of what is inside the food, drug, or drink they are going to purchase. It never hurts to know what goes into something you use. This is particularly applicable if you have a sulfite allergy. The FDA has already mandated that sulfites should be listed in a food label if it was used.

Avoid the allergen. One way to avoid the allergen is to remove it from your life. For food allergies, reading labels will help you avoid eating anything which may contain your allergen. If you have a pet allergy, you can have the animal put up for adoption.

Put up a barrier. If you have an allergy to something you can not part from, consider placing a barrier between yourself and the allergen. You can wear specialized clothing or, in the case of pollen allergy, wear a face mask. If you have metal allergies, consider electroplating or simply coating the object with clear nail polish. This will lessen the contact between your skin and the metal. Thus, it may also reduce the onset of allergy.

Inform your friends and family. Building a support group around you will decrease any chances you may encounter an allergen. As they say, “two heads are better than one.” Another set of eyes looking out for your health will further decrease the possibility of contact with your allergen. If family members know you are allergic to peanuts, for example, they can refrain from adding peanuts to any dish they cook.

These tips are meant to be a guide only. It should not be construed as a replacement for actual medical consultation. The reader is recommended to seek professional help.

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