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Diabetes Fire: You Must Know About Diabetes


Exercise and Diabetes

Exercise does not mean going over the top and pushing yourself to the limit. It is quite enough even if you walk briskly, even just walking a couple of miles each day can make a dramatic improvement in one’s health. Over a period of time, however, you will need to increase the amount of distance covered each day if you want to get into shape. Walking is also a great way to keep your diabetes under control because it does not cost you anything.

But always keep a sweet or two with you while doing this if you have diabetes because your sugar level might go too low. Brisk jogging will be a much better option if you want to lose some weight as well. Have a fresh glass of juice and start the routine each morning. After your walk/jog, lie down and raise your legs as high as it can go keeping your knees straight.

Obesity and Diabetes

The worst thing that could happen to you is if you have both diabetes and obesity. It becomes even worse because the probability that you would have to control your diet, as well as exercise, becomes a stick in the mud. The fat in the body decreases the acting action of insulin. In fact, as we lose weight we regain that lost sensitivity. Also, our bodies start functioning better. So what makes all the difference? Simple, obese people have more fat. So it is the culprit.

The Fat Compound Known as Resistin is the cause of all the trouble. The possible link between fat and diabetes was first noted as resistin in the January 2001 issue of “Nature.” It was discovered that resistin in the fat cells acts as a hormone that makes the body resistant to the insulin it produces. A drug called Rosiglitazone was invented to suppresses the resistin.

One of the reasons scientists are relatively sure that resistin in fat is an important part of the development of diabetes in obese people is that when scientists injected resistin into mice they suddenly became insulin-resistant mice. When the mice were given antibodies that attacked the resistin, they became much less resistant to their own insulin.

Insulin Injecting

  1. Choose a diabetic syringe and needle of the correct size. Be sure of the amount of insulin you need to inject. If you of normal size, the needle should be short and thin. This will hurt much less.
  2. Choose a location for your diabetic insulin injection. Typical areas for giving insulin injections include the thighs, back of arms, and stomach. Best if you have it on the thighs.
  3.  Make sure everything is clean. Be very sanitary when you handle syringes and wash your hands and never reuse the needle once used.
  4. Extract some fresh insulin. Before sticking yourself with the needle, you need to make sure you have unexpired insulin in your syringe. Keep an eye out for signs that the insulin may be breaking down. The signs include the insulin changing color or has debris floating in it. In this case, you should get your insulin replaced immediately.

Food Habits

Your eating habits should change if you want to live a healthy life with diabetes. People with diabetes have to be careful about what they eat and when they eat. If it isn’t properly controlled, your sugar level can change erratically. Usually, diabetes is accompanied by high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or obesity. So, a healthy diet for a diabetic is a must. Foods like pasta, potatoes, and bread must be taken in controlled measures as your carbohydrates must be controlled.

These foods along with other foods that raise blood sugar levels are dangerous if not taken in measured amounts. Your diet should be low in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates. Another thing to consider when you are a diabetic is to have consistent with meal times. Try to have your meals at the same time. Also, try not to let your blood sugars become too low by not eating or too high by eating too often. Also, be aware of what your food contains. Certain products may contain ingredients that will unknowingly add to your daily sugar intake.

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