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Diabetes – Stay Safe Along With Your Expected Baby


Near about four percent of pregnant women use to come across the gestational diabetes-like condition. This is somewhat shocking for pregnant moms. And when you are pregnant for the first time, you need to offer great attention to the symptoms of gestational diabetes. On most of the occasion, such physical condition may not showcase the symptoms. But sometimes you can find some symptoms of gestational diabetes and that you need to know first in order to stay safe.

This is not just about you. There are two lives on the edge and slight mistakes can even cost a lot. So, when you are pregnant you have to offer great importance in knowing the symptoms gestational diabetes. If you are feeling thirsty at a quick interval, then it’s a sign of gestational diabetes. Feeling urination quickly and blurred vision are also the symptoms of gestational diabetes. Apart from this sometimes you can mark that your appetite has gone up suddenly and this can even be the symptoms gestational diabetes.

Well, all these may not happen with every woman who is pregnant. But once you start to doubt that you are suffering from this, you need to go for the check-up first. once you see these symptoms gestational diabetes you should consult with the doctor first before you go for just any medicine on your own. Gestational diabetes can trigger several issues for you and for your baby. So staying safe from it is always in your hand and now you can do this by knowing the symptoms gestational diabetes.

Manage Gestational Diabetes

You must maintain a healthy diet and decreasing intake of the carbohydrates or increasing the intake of fiber, fruits, whole grains, as well as vegetables. The exercise must be done very often however it must be done moderately. Also, for some, you may have to take the drugs as well as under the insulin treatment to control the blood sugar levels. Metformin is the common drug that can help to manage the insulin level that minimizes the occurrence of the gestational diabetes signs.

How important it is managing gestational diabetes mellitus? While you don’t take complete care of yourself, and there will be complications for you & your baby. Also, you can have different cardiovascular disorders, diabetic ketoacidosis or diabetic coma. The diabetic coma is a kind of coma, a medical emergency that happens when diabetes isn’t treated lightly. For baby, there are birth traumas, low levels of the calcium & magnesium, hypoglycemia, as well as prolonged jaundice, yellowing of the skin.

Baby can be macrosomic and large & fat and have respiratory distress syndrome. Worse complications of the GDM for the babies are the death during stillbirth and infancy. GD increases the risk to have diabetes mellitus just after giving birth. You may minimize however while you get the right treatments when you’re pregnant. Of course, you’re keeping baby healthy while you take complete care of yourself.

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