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4 Eye Exercises to Improve You Eye Sight


If you have a poor vision then there is something you can do to improve vision besides wearing glasses to correct vision. I’m talking about something that will probably correct your vision permanently which means that you never have to wear glasses or lenses again.

In this article, you are going to read about eye exercises to improve your eyesight. I have collected 4 effective exercises you can do. If you commit to doing these exercises every day for a couple of months then your vision problems will be a thing of the past.

Exercise 1 – Palming

If you already know about this then it’s worth stressing it again. Palming is an exercise that helps your eyes to relax. Relaxation is very important if you want to regain your eyesight again. The palming will help to remove the strain in your eyes that is the major cause for poor vision.

How to do it?

Cover your eyes with the center of your palms and just relax. Pretty easy huh? But don’t think that it’s not effective. Your eyes can be open or closed that’s up to you. It’s ideal if you can lie down or sit in a comfortable chair when you are doing this exercise. Set a kitchen timer for 10 to 15 minutes and just relax. Energy will flow from your hands into your eyes and it’s very relaxing. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself. Remember to rub your palms together for extra heat before you start.

Exercise 2 – Eye Tracking

This is an exercise that will build your ability to focus and at the same time exercise the muscles of your eye. This exercise is important and it’s also very easy to do. To start, simply choose an object of your choice and start to focus at a point on the edge of it. Then start to switch the focus so that you are tracking the edge of your object. Don’t try to move your head but let your eyes do the work.

Exercise 3 – An Accommodating Exercise

This exercise will help you to improve your eye to see both further and closer at the same time. It’s also very easy to do. To do it you will need an object of some sort in your hand that you can focus on.

Pick out a faraway object that’s staying still and focus in on it. You might want to start with a distance that you have no problem with and then increase the distance. After you have focused on it a few seconds hold up you object in your hand directly underneath the far-away object. The simple change focus on the object in your hand.

This will exercise the two obliques muscles in the eye responsible for the accommodation. As you become better at this you can move the object in your hands closer and at the same time pick a further away object.

Exercise 4 – Black Visualization

This is a technique developed by William Bates and he said that if you can visualize perfect black then you can get your eyes and your mind to relax. Black is the color that is very effective in slowing down your mind and getting it perfectly relaxed.

This exercise can be done by itself or you can include it when you are doing the palming technique. Adding it will get your eyes and mind even more relaxed. Now, this can be a bit hard in the beginning. But it helps to associate the black with something that you know, such as a black cat or a black camera. With practice, you will become better.

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