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Oatmeal and Yogurt Mask for Skin Beauty


Yogurt and lemon mask

It serves to help the facial skin to heal wounds or sores. It is also useful to maintain or help to heal the scalp and keep hair healthy.

  • Juice of ½ lemon
    • A teaspoon of olive oil
    • One cup of unsweetened yogurt

The procedure for the completion and implementation of the mask is as follows:

  1. Mix ingredients well
    2. Once the mask prompts, you must thoroughly wash your face at night with mineral water before bed.
    3. Collect the hair and apply like a cream. For application should not be pulling the skin but applied with a small circular pat.
    4. If you want to apply the hair to be applied with a gentle massage on the scalp, spreading the product to the tip of the hair.
    5. This mask is left to work about 20 minutes, rinse with water.

Yogurt for Skin Beauty

Yogurt is a nutrient that helps support healthy and beautiful skin. This is mainly due to the yogurt involved in hygiene and the maintenance of the flora in the intestine. Being the small “clean” and removes it absorbs nutrients more efficiently.

This is reflected immediately in the skin, it no longer has to serve as a second option to remove toxins.

In this way, regular consumption of yogurt, preferably homemade or organic (as the industrialized often brings excess flour and refined sugar) greatly promotes youth and beauty generally, and to promote healthy living.

However, the benefits of yogurt are obtained not only in the skin when taken frequently but also can earn the same when applied directly to the skin or hair as a mask. Yogurt works as a disinfectant and refreshing addition to give skin youthful vigor and appearance.

Here we offer two recipes for skin applications that are very effective to keep young and collaborate in the treatment against various diseases such as acne, dryness, and opacity.

However, it is important to remember that the skin heals and beautifies from the outside but the process is from the inside out. In this respect, care and feeding to the input of nutrients are vital, along with daily rest and repair to maintain the beauty and skin health. In turn, drinking enough fluid is one of the key points to look young and healthy.

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